About College Money Matters - College Money Matters

No ads. No agenda. No selling your data.

College Money Matters is a nonprofit created to help students and their families make smart decisions about paying for college.

Right now, the level of student debt in the United States is an astounding 1.6 trillion dollars. That’s a terrible financial burden, and it keeps growing every year.

At College Money Matters, Inc., we don’t want that trend to continue. So we formed a nonprofit organization based on this simple idea: Any student able to get into college can learn how to avoid paying too much in loans.

Our focus is on reaching students and their families before they start borrowing money for college – so they can make smart decisions that maximize their college choices and minimize their debt.

What you’ll find on this site reflects what students told us they needed to understand, delivered in the way they told us they wanted to learn. It’s also important to know what you won’t find here, as you’ll see in the list below:

How is College Money Matters different from other sites out there?

If you’ve been to other sites for college-bound students, you’ve probably come upon things like this:

  • Information you don’t really need right now
  • Lots of links to topics that aren’t relevant to your situation
  • Overly complicated financial language
  • Invitations to supposedly helpful programs that require you to pay a fee
  • Promotions for services or products paid for by advertisers
  • Sites that use your personal information to make money for themselves

We don’t believe any of that is helpful. So we’ve focused on the things you need to know now, and left out the rest, along with the things that can wait until after you graduate from college.

At College Money Matters, we really work to live up to our motto: We have no interest but yours.

Let us know how you think we’re doing. We’d love to hear from you.