• High school teacher,  South Dakota
    I want to thank you for all the resources you provide for students and families.
    The College Money Matters website will be perfect for my students
    as they navigate their college decisions.
    High school teacher, South Dakota
  • Lauren
    Your website is fantastic.
    Lots of good information that I wish I had when going off to College.
  • Amrika
    I briefly looked at the website and wow –
    it’s very easy to navigate!
    I look forward to using it with our participants.
  • Eliza
    I checked out the College Money Matters website and I really, really like it. The way it’s organized is simple but effective, and it’s very easy to navigate. Also, the videos are super helpful.
    (High school senior)
  • Stephanie
    I look forward to using this site with my students.
    This will be a great resource for them.
    (Counselor at College & Careers)
  • Amrika
    The financial component of applying to college can be very daunting. College Money Matters does an excellent job exploring the ins and outs of the financial process.
    (Director, Center for College & Careers)
  • Marcia B.
    It’s great to have an independent resource for students that is not trying sell them something, just communicating information in an interactive format.
    Marcia B.
    (High school financial aid officer)
  • Keith Wilkerson
    I love what I am seeing.
    Keith Wilkerson
  • Jules
    If only I had access to something like this when I was in high school,
    I wouldn’t be in the debt situation I’m in now.
     My parents did their best, but they really didn’t know, either.
    (Design Associate)
  • William E.
    I will certainly be using this with some of my clients in the future.
    William E.
    (Certified Financial Planner)
  • Jen
    Looks good! It inspired me to start working on the FAFSA.
    (High school senior)
  • Alana
    I never had very good guidance through this process before.
    Just going through your site makes me feel at ease.
    (Parent of 10th grader)
  • David
    What an amazing website!
    I'm sure that it'll be a great tool for many of my peers during their college search.
    (High school senior)
  • Annia
    The College Money Matters website was very informative.  My favorite part was playing the games about attending college.
    (High school senior)

Updates & Info

College Money Matters, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with one purpose: helping high school students and their families figure out how to make smart financial decisions about college. We are based on this simple idea: Any student able to get into college can learn how to avoid paying too much in loans.

Our focus is on reaching students and their families before they start borrowing money for college – so they can make smart decisions that maximize their college choices and minimize their debt. At College Money Matters, we really work to live up to our motto: We have no interest but yours.