WARNING: Keep away from these scholarship scams!


WARNING: Keep away from these scholarship scams!

1. Don’t get fooled by lottery websites

What kind of organization would offer a “no essay” scholarship? One that wants to do things like this:

  • Sell your info to colleges and marketers
  • Sell you products or “services” from their site
  • Put you on mailing lists

In the "You Deserve It" offer below, the odds of winning are 1 in 140,000. And if by some nearly impossible chance you do win, they have total rights to your personal information and likeness. You deserve better than that.

2. Look at the web address

If the place making the “offer” is a research business or marketing firm, stay away.

3. Avoid fee-based scholarship searches

Don’t pay to have anyone or any site ‘find scholarships.’ They won’t do anything you can’t do on your own.