Some less obvious things you might want to think about when choosing a college

There’s a lot that goes into deciding which college is best for you. Maybe one has a great location, another a big name, and yet another had a really cute tour guide. And of course, there’s the matter of how much it costs for tuition, room and meal plan.

You’ve probably thought about a lot of these things already. But here are some important questions you may not have considered yet, much less figured out where to start finding the answers. You may choose your college this year, but it’s good to think about not just today, but also your life on campus, when you graduate, and your career after college.

So we’ve put all these “less obvious” questions together here to help you do a little more research before you make that big decision about where to attend. Click on each topic below to learn more.

Topic 1: Will I get my money’s worth?

Topic 2: What will my years in college be like?

Topic 3: How long will it take to graduate?

Topic 4: What kind of career can I look forward to after college?