The Top 10 Questions about paying for college.

And where to find some answers.

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The QuestionsLinks to helpful information
When should I submit my financial aid applications to college?Important financial aid deadlines
How many schools should I apply to?How many schools should you apply to?
What is FAFSA® and how can it work for me?FAFSA: What it is, how it works
How can I get help in filling out the FAFSA® form?How to fill out the FAFSA form
What are some things I should be careful of when choosing a college?9 reasons not to choose a college
Are more expensive colleges always better?
Are more expensive schools really better?
How much should I borrow in student loans?Is there a right amount to take out in loans?
How do student loans work?How student loans work
What difference does it make if I don't finish undergraduate college in 4 years?The more years you spend in college, the more you have to pay
What are some ways I can reduce the amount I borrow in student loans?The more you have in savings, the less you need in loans