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Things we want you to know

Be careful about statistics

Our site (and many others) uses statistics and data to help explain key ideas. These examples include assumptions that could affect their accuracy and meaning. Wherever possible we will try to let you know what they are. But you should always read statistics carefully. For example, the percentage of college freshmen who borrow to attend varies widely by the age of the freshman. For those first attending college after years in the workforce, the borrowing rate is much higher.

Here’s another relevant example. Most sites use median salary when talking about occupations. But median salary and starting salary are very different! You won’t make the median salary until you are years into your career.

Selling your information

We do not sell your information to make money, but we are obviously not responsible for what happens on sites we don’t control. We provide links to sites we think provide good information, but you need to be alert to how those sites use your information.

Financial Advice

We are not giving you financial advice on this site. Your financial decisions should be made based on your individual situation.


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